With our state of the art mobile Skate Ramps we can drive to you anywhere in the USA. We cover varying venues such as: Corporate Keynotes, County and State Fairs, Community Events, Stage Shows, Concerts, TV Commercials, Skateboard ramp rentals, and more. With our easily transportable ramps, we can set up pretty much anywhere. Having the Professional entertainment show of The Skate Pro's Trick Team, will certainly add a special touch of class to your roster.

The Skate Pro's Trick Team has been providing Skate Shows along with BMX shows since 1991!

The Skate Pro's features the world's most extreme Skateboarding Athletes with a non-stop action show with our custom Half Pipe.

We cover a lot of ground. The Skate Pro's Trick Team covers the entire country and even some parts of Canada and Mexico. We travel from coast to coast year-round providing the best Skateboarding shows in the country with elite level X-games Athletes.

The Skate pros


Championship Talent


The Skate Pros trick team has a line up of talent that reaches as high as a X-games medalists. Our Skateboard athletes are class acts on and off the stage. Our athletes include many notable names like: Paul-Luc Ronchetti, X-Games veteran with 1 Silver medal and 1 Bronze medal, and 13 X-Games appearances; Beaver Fleming, a Nitro-Circus athlete, 3 time Best Trick winner at Simple Session Estonia, and a 2nd place winner at Nitro World Games; and Neto Tammenhain, a top 10 finalist in X-Games Shanghai in 2019.

Here are some Venues we have preformed at!

H&M Sedona, AZ

H&M teamed up with the BMX PRO's Trick Team to perform an ALL girls BMX show for a commercial and magazine adds for their new clothing line in the beautiful desert of Sedona AZ. Two of the girls featured on this commercial are top BMX world champions in the women's division and on their way to the first ever women's BMX Freestyle competition in the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Subaru:Denver, CO

This was an all out corporate event in Denver Colorado for Subaru featuring the BMX PRO's Trick Team, Subaru's employees and directors attended this event including a special appearance of Travis Pastrana. This event was done on our portable half pipe with 6 Pro Athletes including BMX, Inline Skating and Skateboarding.

Monster Jam Santa Clara, Ca.

This performance was done outdoor outside of the Levies Stadium in Santa Clara Ca. We used our 1/4 pipe and box-jump ramp setup-combo and we performed 3 shows throughout the day. This was an all BMX stunt show.

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN

This performance was done center stage, indoors at the main convention center at the Grand Ole Opry.

We used our portable half pipe and several box jumps for staging. The team consisted of 12 riders and we were outfitted with uniforms to match the theme of the event.

 Actual show length was three unique 5 minute segments and a 2 minute combined grand finale.

Mascone Center - SanFrancisco, CA.

This event was a 3 day run for Oracle at OpenWorld. This was done so that all the attendees passing by the event had something very visual to catch their attention and then redirect it to "Meet the Future" presented by JavaOne.

This entire event was done on a portable 1/2 pipe ramp that set up in about an hour. We featured the Bikes, Blades, and Boards theme and had world class athletes.  

Arthur Ashe Stadium, Flushing Meadows, NY

Sports Illustrated for Kids worked closely with the BMX Pros to put together an annual summer tour program that entertained millions of spectators at Six Flaggs amusement parks throughout the US over a 4 year period.

All four tours were done on our portable half pipe and box jump.. 

Mascone Center - SanFrancisco, CA.

This performance was performed underground at the Mascone center in downtown SF. We were the opening act for 90 minutes prior to INXS playing to a packed house of 16,000 guests. Needless to say, the crowds loved it.

This event was done with 2 1/4 pipes set up like a half pipe. The show featured Skateboarding and Inline skating.

ESPN LA Live - Los Angeles, CA.

This performance was outdoors on Chick Hearn Way in front of LA Live, home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. This client brought in concert lighting and sound and made it a late night spectacular event. Actual Show length was 120 minutes. We ran two unique teams in 20 minute intervals to keep the energy level high. The entire event took place on our portable half pipe

Hall A at the Venetian - Las Vegas NV.

This event was a 1 day sales event. This was done so that all the attendees at a party passing by had something very visual to catch their attention. This entire event was done on a portable 1/2 pipe ramp, and box jump that all set up in about an hour. We featured the Bikes, Blades, and Boards theme and had world class athletes.

Atamos Las Vegas, NV

This was a 5 day event at the NABB convention in Las Vegas NV. NABB is the biggest convention for media, entertainment and technology pros in the USA. BMX PRO'S Trick Team was proud to be part a part of such a massive event of this caliber. This show consisted in 2 PRO Street Skaters and 2 Pro BMX Riders.

The ATAMOS booth definitely got originality points by setting up cameras all around in a U shape around the ramps and so that spectators walking by can use any of the cameras placed on the tables and focus with different cameras that offer different features from ATAMOS products using the BMX and SKATEBOARD athletes as moving targets so they can actually try out their technology before buying.

Linked-IN Mountain View,CA

Linked-in invited the BMX PROS to participate in their employee end of the year corporate event. Lost of attractions were part of the event, but the BMX PROS were the highlight of the day with the best BMX and Skateboard stunt show.

Google Mountain View, CA

The BMX PRO'S TRICK TEAM was invited to participate on a private event in Mountain View Ca at the offices of Google. We did 3 performances with BMX and Skateboarding stunt show on our giant Half pipe.


Some Clients you might recognize.